Looking for a new property? No worries, we're definitely happy to help you step by step! We have lots of properties on our listings, Why you don't check it first?

1. Feel free to call or contact us, you can find our contact information easily by clicking "contact us" tab on the top right corner.

2. We will discuss together and figure out what is the most improtant to you and your family. After that, we also need to know your budget range, what area/location/size you're looking for, and your purpose. (investment/education, etc.)

3. We will provide you a report with all active listings based on your requirements.

4. After you pick what you're interested, we will arrange the private showing/presenting to you. No worries, we will accompany with you together and answer all your questions and concerns.

5. Finally find something you really like? Good, let's make an offer! We're expert at evaluation, and we will negotiate with seller for a suitable price for you based on the sold price in the same area. Once we finally have an agreement, the buyer is required to pay a deposit (usually 5% of the total price) to the seller.

6. At the same time, you also need to find your financial institution (Bank/Mortgage institution) and apply your loan for your new property. You can calculate your mortgage amount by clicking https://www.ratehub.ca/mortgage-calculators

7. Before the completion date, we need to find a lawyer to represent you dealing with your paperwork. We can recommand a trustworthy lawyer to you if you need our help.

8. Congratulations! Get reday to move in and enjoy your life at your new home!



1. 无论您有任何疑虑,都欢迎您随时来电向我们咨询。您可以通过点击网站右上方的 “联系我们” 来获取我们的其他联系方式。

2. 我们会和您一起讨论并找出您和您家人对于这笔房产投资的真正需求。然后我们需要进一步知道您对于房子的预算,位置,面积,学区等细节方面的具体要求以及您买房的最大目的(用于自住或是未来投资)。

3. 我们会根据您的要求挑选所有合适您的房产,然后给您列出一份清单。

4. 当您挑选出您心仪的房产之后,我们会开始着手帮您安排看房服务,由我们的专业经纪全程陪同您一处处仔细观察,从中挑选真正适合您的房产。在这个过程中无论您有什么问题或者顾虑,都可以随时和我们反馈。

5. 一旦您最终选中了某处房产,我们就会和您商议并提出一份报价。我们会针对该房产周围区域最近一段时间物业价格成交记录为您做一个专业的估价服务,并且负责随后的跟进工作,和卖家沟通还价,直到买卖双方最终达成协议。一旦双方达成了最终购买协议,买方需要向卖方支付一定数额的订金,通常是房价本身的5%。

6. 与此同时,您可能需要找一个合适的金融机构(例如银行以及信贷公司)来处理接下来的贷款事宜。您可以通过这个网站 https://www.ratehub.ca/mortgage-calculators 来计算您的贷款年限以及每月所需的还款金额。如果您没有合适的理财机构,我们可以向您推荐专业的理财人员帮您处理贷款问题。

7. 在成交日期之前,您还需要一位律师来帮您处理一些文字上的工作。如果您没有自己的律师,我们会推荐专业的律师团队帮您服务。

8. 一切都搞定了,等到成交日期当天,您就可以搬入您的新家啦!